Artist: William Hart
Title: Autumn
Medium: oil/canvas; SLR 5.25" x 6.5"

Artist: R.L. Johnston
Title: Ducks in the Meadow
Medium: oil/canvas; SLR 13.5" x 17.5"

Artist: Helena Sturtevant
Title: Newport Colony House
Medium: oil/canvas; SLR, 20" x 25.25" sight

Artist: George Whitaker
Title: Approaching Morning
Medium: oil/canvas, SLL and dated 1896 18" x 29"

Artist: George Whitaker
Title: Brilliant Sunset
Medium: oil/canvas: SLR & dated 1873 12" x 18" sight

Artist: George Whitaker
Title: Old Tree at the site of Basil the Smithy, Grand Pre
Medium: oil on panel, unsigned, 12" x 9"

Artist: Georges D. Zezzos
Title: The River Adour at St. Sever
Medium: oil on canvas, signed lower right, 26" x 32"