Marine and Coastal Scenes

Artist: Russ Kramer
Title: Shakin out the Reef: Vigilant, 1893
Medium: Oil/panel; SLR 6" x 9" sight

Artist: Duncan McFarlane
Title: Shipwreck
Medium: Oil/canvas; SLR & dated 1840 20.75" x 30" sight

Artist: Richard E. Miller
Title: Captain Snow
Medium: oil on canvas, signed lower right, 40" x 40¼"

Artist: Alfred Montague
Title: North Shield
Medium: Oil/canvas; SLR 8" x 16" sight

Artist: Barlow Moore
Title: Rough Sketch of Mohawk
Medium: watercolor on paper, signed lower left, 15¼" x 23¾"

Artist: John Perry Newell
Title: Rotterdam
Medium: Oil on canvas; signed/ dated lower left 1875 9.5" x 7"

Artist: Albert van Beest
Title: Dory Fishing
Medium: w/c, pencil on paper; unsigned 5.5" x 8.25"

Artist: Wesley Webber
Title: Coming Home
Medium: oil/canvas, SLR 26" x 36" sight

Artist: Charles Woodbury
Title: Ocean View near Perkins Cove, Oqunquit Maine
Medium: class sketch 1911, oil on canvas, signed lower right, dated 1911 inscr. lower right, original frame 20¼" x 27¼"

Artist: Mabel May Woodward
Title: Young Boy String Fishing
Medium: oil on canvas, signed lower left, 11" x 7½"