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Chapin, Bryant

(1859-1927) Born in Fall River, Chapin was a life-long resident of the city and a student of leading still life painter Robert S. Dunning. Chapin himself taught at the Fall River Evening School and lectured frequently in Fall River. He was a prolific artist who also painted landscapes, though he is best known for the fine still life paintings in the style popularized by Dunning. His work seems to be divided into two styles; one tending to a lighter palette with softly-rendered forms, the fruit (generally peaches and grapes) arranged on a highly-polished surface. His second distinctive style is set outdoors, fruit (often berries tumbling from baskets), situated directly on the ground and a vague, greenish landscape in the background. Though Chapin made several trips to Europe to paint landscapes, he spent virtually his entire career in his native Fall River, where he died in 1927. Many of his paintings have been preserved at the Fall River Public Library. Always highly regarded, Chapin continues to be recognized as one of the foremost artists of the Fall River School. No items found.