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Davis, William R.

(b. 1952) A modern realist, William Davis’ works are grounded in the traditions of the 19th- century. Almost completely self-taught, he was the subject of the first single-artist show at Mystic Maritime Gallery and received their Award of Excellence. Davis recreates the techniques of the 19th-century American Luminist painters. Together with artists Donald Demers and Joseph McGuirl, he formed a loose association known as “the new American Luminists.” Davis has also exhibited at the Cahoon Museum, the Mariner’s Museum, the Copley Society, the Smithsonian, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the National Maritime Historical Society, and the American Society of Marine Artists, among many other venues. A versatile artist, he paints in styles inspired by artists as varied as Fitz Hugh Lane, Antonio Jacobsen, and James Bard. His career has encompassed marine, landscape, trompe l’oeil, and still life painting, and is characterized by his command of drawing, fluidity of color, and an awareness of weather conditions and the effects of light. His marine paintings exhibit his knowledge of vessels and ability to render them accurately, appealing to admirers of both modern and antique marine art. Based in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, Bill Davis’ works are collected internationally. No items found.