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Eldred, Lemuel D.

Lemuel Eldred grew up in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, where his father was a boatbuilder. He studied with portrait painter William Mosher and for five years with William Bradford. Eldred painted in Boston before leaving to study at the Academie Julian in Paris. He also traveled to Italy, Spain, France, Algeria, Morocco, and the Mediterranean. He returned to Boston in 1884, establishing a studio there. In 1891 he purchased Bradford’s former studio and moved in to North Street in Fairhaven, where he used it as a summer residence. By the end of the century Eldred was concentrating on producing etchings. A reserved man and something of a loner, Eldred was a collector of antique furniture, armor, and other artifacts. He was active with the Old Dartmouth Historical Society and was elected to the Fairhaven Colonial Club after originating the idea of collecting works of local artists. His final years were spent in his antiques shop at 14 Williams Street in New Bedford. Eldred’s works were exhibited in Boston, New Bedford and at the Academy of Design in New York. He is recognized as one of the most prominent marine painters to emerge from the New Bedford school. No items found.