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Gruppe, Emile

(1896-1978) Emile Gruppe, son of painter Charles Gruppe, was born in Rochester, New York. Part of his childhood was spent in Holland, where his father worked as an art dealer. In the United States he apprenticed to his uncle, a sign painter. He attended the National Academy School, the Art Students’ League, the Grande Chamiere in Paris, and with John F. Carlson, Richard Miller, George Bridgman, C. Chapman, and Charles Hawthorne. Gruppe was a resourceful artist, teaching, painting posters for movies and prizefights, doing landscape backgrounds for an animal artist, and briefly working in advertising. He was one of the first artists in Rockport, Massachusetts to advertise his paintings for sale at a time when most artists sold their works in city galleries. After the Great Depression he spent winters painting in Vermont, rejoining his family each summer in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where he ran the Gruppe Summer School. Gruppe spent nearly sixty years working almost exclusively as a plein-air artist, until suffering a slight stroke in his late seventies. His work grew looser and freer as his career progressed. He is best known for his fishing scenes and views of Rockport and Gloucester. Gruppe enjoyed a national reputation, and exhibited widely throughout the United States. No items found.