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Luce, Cal

(1888-1963) Born in Ashtabula, Ohio, C.A. Luce graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art. He worked as a newspaper cartoonist and then as a freelance advertising artist in Cleveland, Chicago, and New York. He taught at the Cleveland Institute of Art from 1921-23. In the early 1930s he was art director at a Cleveland advertising agency, and his work appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, Ladies’ Home Journal, Literary Digest, and other periodicals. He provided artwork for General Electric’s Mazda Lamp Division, Dobbs Hats, A&P Stores, J. I. Case Machinery, and Houghton Elevators. He created illustrations for the White Motors, Cadillac, and now-forgotten lines of luxury cars such as Jordan, Case, Wills Sainte Clair and the Rubay Company. In 1934 he began to spend time in Fort Lauderdale. By the early 1940s he had turned from commercial illustration to painting landscapes and boating scenes, completing hundreds of small watercolor sketches made in Florida, the Bahamas, Nantucket, and Maine. Many of his paintings, particularly those of the Bahamas, show an affinity with the work of Winslow Homer; both artists share the same loose, fluid style and create similar dramatic effects with color. Luce was elected to the American Water Color Society exhibited in its New York juried shows from 1959 to 1963, receiving the Award of Merit in 1962. No items found.