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Robinson, Hal

(1875-1933) Plein-air painter Hal Robinson created softly focused, beautifully-colored, impressionistic landscapes of farms, fields, woods, and coast. He painted in all seasons, bringing his signature light-suffused warmth even to winter scenes, of which he painted many. Robinson lived in New York, though the details of his art training are unknown. He exhibited at the National Academy of Design, the Corcoran Gallery, and the Boston Art Club. His paintings are infused with a timeless sense of mood and place, achieved in part by his ability to create a hazy, diffused atmosphere. It is this quality that links him to the Tonalist tradition, though his paintings are generally brighter and less somber than much Tonalist painting. Robinson was fond of painting along the Hudson River near the Palisades, and in Westchester and upstate New York. He also worked in Old Lyme, Connecticut, where he joined the famed Impressionist art colony. No items found.