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Sherwood, Walter

Walter Sherwood was born in Birmingham, England where he lived and worked before coming to Rhode Island in the early 1920s. Sherwood taught at the Birmingham School of Art in England for 23 years, where he was awarded a medal for his portrait painting by the Birmingham Art Association. Sherwood painted several notable figures in England, including the Catholic Archbishop of Birmingham, Duchess of Hamilton and Lady Wright, the wife of the Lord Chief Justice. Based out of a studio in the Providence Arcade, Sherwood painted over 500 canvases during his time in Rhode Island, frequently painting several portraits for a single family, as well as noted officials such as Mayor Gainer. Sherwood could be seen traveling by bicycle with his palette on country roads and was known to stop into a farmer’s barn where he would be commissioned for work. A talented itinerate painter who made his living in the country haying and milking, Sherwood’s paintings never made him much money, but they were noted as being solid and realistic in quality. A true country man, Sherwood said he had little need for cities and often longed for the gentle winds in the hay. He died on November 20 in the year 1950, and was eulogized by the Providence Journal as ‘Rhode Island’s forgotten artist’. No items found.