Artist: unknown American school
Title: Mountains with River Gorge
Medium: oil on canvas, unsigned, 18" x 24"

Artist: Sydney R. Burleigh
Title: Horse Path
Medium: watercolor, SLR, 14"x21" sight, 24"x30.5" framed

Artist: R.S. Dunning
Title: Pastoral Scene with Cows
Medium: oil/canvas; Signed verso 7" x 11"

Artist: George Durrie
Title: Grouse
Medium: oil/canvas 14" x 20" sight

Artist: David FeBland
Title: Destinations
Medium: oil/canvas; SLL, 20" x 40" sight


Artist: Joseph E. Fontaine
Title: In the Greenhouse
Medium: oil/canvas; SLR, 19" X 25.5"


Artist: Joseph E. Fontaine
Title: Path to the Sea
Medium: oil/canvas; SLL 18" x 24" sight


Artist: William Hart
Title: Autumn
Medium: oil/canvas; SLR 5.25" x 6.5"


Artist: R.L. Johnston
Title: Ducks in the Meadow
Medium: oil/canvas; SLR 13.5" x 17.5"


Artist: Arthur Parton
Title: Cows in the Meadow
Medium: Oil/canvas, SLR, 23" x 19.25"