The gallery offers a diverse array of paintings by artists from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of both regional and national importance. These include landscape, genre, still life, and marine paintings from schools and stylistic movements such as the Hudson River and other regional "schools"; American Impressionism; American Barbizon, Tonalism, and Luminism, to name a few. The gallery specializes in marine art including the works of American and Anglo-American marine masters such as James Buttersworth, Antonio Jacobsen, William T. Richards, Thomas Birch, Robert Salmon, Montague Dawson, and many others. Another specialty of Roger King Fine Art is African-American painting, particularly the works of 19th century artists Edward Bannister, Charles Porter, and Robert Duncanson; the gallery is also expanding its collection of works by 20th-century African-American artists.

From time to time the gallery offers works from partial or entire artists' estates; some of these artists have included Anna Richards Brewster, Robert Henry Logan, Kenneth Stevens McIntyre, Henry Cady, Cal Luce, Paul Moro, and James Gale Tyler.